VinSanto del Chianti Rufina Doc

Here is our dessert wine, produced by drying the Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes as tradition dictates, which is followed by a long stay in oak barrels … we left it to rest for 17 years in wood, where the wine has undergone natural drops due to absorption by the wood and which by our choice we do not go to fill with the following vintages, so we can say that we abandon our Vinsanto to a long hibernation during which it decreases both in terms of liquid but at the same time he concentrates to the extreme ….. and then in the bottle the sensations are infinite and all extremely pleasant.


Classification:  Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina D.o.c.

Varieties:  Mostly Malvasia with a small percentage of Trebbiano

Alcohol level: 15.5 % by volume

Altitude: 350 metres above sea level

Characteristic of the soil: Rich clayey soil which guarantees high water retention

Yield per hectare: An average production of 50 quintals

Visual considerations: A dark yellow with amber coloured reflections

Fragrance considerations:  Intense and ampie fragrance with a scent of honey, homemade “torrone” (a kind of nougat) and dried fruits.

Flavour considerations: A great complex structure pleasantly sweet and delicate with a lasting continuation.

Vinification: Harvesting is clone by hand and the grapes are placed in small wooden crates and are then placed on characteristic straw mats in a special room for the drying process where they remain until December when the pressing stage takes piace. The “mosto” obtained is then placed into typical casks for about three years where a long and slow fermentation takes piace.

A dessert wine
How to serve:
Serve at a temperature of l6/l8°C

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