Olive oil Il Lago

Together with wine it is the most famous Tuscan product and for this reason it certainly cannot be missing among our products. We produce Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from plants placed at an altitude of around 400 meters where medical treatments are not necessary and where organoleptic characteristics are extremely fine. The harvest is still done by hand and the olives are brought to the mill every day to keep intact its delicate quality that makes this wonderful product the essential and main element of the Italian cuisine .


Classification: Extra virgin olive oil.

Provenance: The olive groves of the “Fattoria Il Lago“ are situated on the property itself in Dicomano at an altitude which varies from 350 to 450 metres above sea level. The area destined for the growth of 1500 olive groves is about 9 hectares.

Varieties Cultivated: 70% Frantoio – 6% Moraiolo – 12% Leccino –12% Pendolino
Sensory Characteristic Of The Oil:
Colour: Intense olive green
Fragrance: Fruity and fragrant
Flavour: Fruity – Piquant – Slightly bitter

Harvesting, Transformation And Preservation: The olives are completely harvested by hand, stored on mats in a well aired room and then transferred to the oil mill within 3 days after harvesting. Transformation occurs through the use of a soft crusher with rotating blades, which consents the production of a high quality paste. The oil produced is then placed in stainless steel containers and stored in a room where the temperature is controlled.

The oil produced in the “Fattoria Il Lago“ during the years has constantly given excellent results in chemical analysis especially regarding the extremely low value of acidity (0.30% inferior) and the number of peroxide (10% inferior) and all these components guarantee the quality and the sensory values expressed by an official panel commissioner (COI Method).

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