Fattoria Il Lago is an ancient company of about 350 hectares which in the past belonged to the Marquises Vivai-Bartolini-Salimbeni, a noble Florentine family.

In 1962 the company was bought by the Spagnoli family who began a large process of recovery of both the real estate and agronomic assets with particular attention to the wine sector, which has always been the main activity, as evidenced today by the ancient and imposing press used for the the grapes’pressure on which the date of 1806 is carved.

Ezio, founder of the Spagnoli family, in the 60s and 70s was very involved with his children in their main activity in the construction sector, but his passion and his love for these beautiful places pushed him more and more to spend a good part of his days on the farm .
The farm also became the scene of memorable family lunches and dinners prepared by grandmother Ginetta with lots of children, wives and grandchildren gathered around a monumental table ; the great passion of grandfather Ezio was to bring the nephews of the family around the farm on an old Fiat Jeep to discover unique paths and unforgettable panoramas .

Over the years, Rolando, one of Ezio’s sons, decided the time had come to end his commitment in the construction sector and together with his wife Fiorella and their two children, to leave the city of Florence and start a new life made of sacrifices and difficult challenges but with the aim of giving greater value to the quality of life, with the satisfaction that earth and nature only can give .

Today Rolando and his wife Fiorella retired from the activity that is carried out with commitment and dedication by their sons Francesco and Filippo who keep alive and lasting the memory of the family traditions with the hope their children too will continue in the future what grandfather Ezio started 60 years ago.

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